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7 Jan

Inspired by Ramonda Sosa‘s  90 day raw food feast, I made this tangy cauliflower with mushroom gravy dish. I loved it but the best compliment came from Rob, a reluctant cauliflower eater, who said, “It’s good!” I think he was a bit surprised. So, not only is this raw foods dish super healthy, it tastes great too!

Tangy Cauliflower

Combine all ingredients in a food processor and give it a whirrrrrl!

    3 C chopped cauliflower

    ½ C soaked raw cashews (I didn’t soak mine too long and it worked just fine.)

    ¼ C thyme and / or sage leaves (Do you own thing here. What herbs are your favorites?)

    1 avocado (Thanks avocado for making it creamy and giving us those healthy fats at the same time!)

    ¼ C lime juice (Did I mention tangy?)

    1 T white miso paste (Maybe this isn’t raw but we might have to be flexible here..)

    2 cloves garlic (yum!)

    2 T olive oil

Mushroom Gravy

Combine all ingredients in a blender and blend away!

¾ C sliced mushrooms (We get low calories & high nutrients including our much needed – due to lack of SUN now – vitamin D.)

1/3 C olive oil

1/3 C water

1 T soy sauce (Not all is raw….)

1.5 T apple cider vinegar

1 clove garlic (You’d better like garlic if you eat this stuff.)

I topped the whole thing with chives just for fun!




31 Dec

Unless you are paying attention, you might not already know that salads are not always your friend if you are trying to eat healthy and / or lose weight. If you want to hear this same message from multiple sources, click on the links below. If you are already convinced and you want to take a giant step towards getting the most from your salad eating, keep reading!

One of the best things you can do to make sure your salad eating isn’t sabotaging you is to make your own salad dressing. If you use the mix-n-match recipes below in advance, you’ll always have healthy dressing on hand and you’ll always be ready! I like to make one jar of the vinaigrette dressing and one of the creamy dressing at the same time. If the healthy stuff is within reach, it’s much easier to eat right!

Vinaigrette Mix-N-Match Dressing

Mix the following ingredients in a blender. Chill. Enjoy!

¼ cup oil (I prefer olive oil, but pick your favorite)

¼ cup vinegar (I prefer apple cider vinegar, but pick your… Are you getting the gist of the mix-n-match approach?)

¼ cup berries (I like strawberries, but…)

Juice of one lemon (I prefer limes, but you can really go wild and try grapefruit juice if that floats your boat!)

1 TBS of honey (You can use any healthy sweetener of your preference!)

1 – 2 cloves of garlic (Unless you are allergic to garlic or just really hate it, this is an ingredient that doesn’t seem optional to me!)

Herbs of your choice (I really like thyme with this recipe, but do your thing!)

Creamy Mix-N-Match Dressing

Again, mix the following ingredients in a blender. Chill. Enjoy!

¼ cup soaked raw cashews (I don’t recommend using any other type of nut. Cashews give you the creaminess you want!)

1/8 cup sesame seeds (Feel free to use other things, like pine nuts, here!)

3 TBS lemon juice (Again, I prefer lime juice.)

2 cloves of garlic (You already know how I feel about the garlic!)

1 tsp miso

½ tsp kelp

1 tsp sweetener

¼ cup water


Top Ways to Ruin a Healthy Salad

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20 Apr

A lifetime of good health comes from a lifetime of many small but important daily decisions. Doing these things every day is the key. If you do, health will be your natural state. If you do this, when you are older you can be as strong and able as you are today. You might mistakenly think that you just have good genes or that you’re just lucky. Well, maybe there’ll be some of that but mostly it’s because of all those little things you did throughout your whole life. Continue reading

COCONUT OIL – If and Why and How

19 Mar

While it’s good that science provides us with new and better information to guide our food choices, it is sometimes hard to keep up with the latest and greatest. Recommendations on fats and oils have changed dramatically over the years. Remember how saturated fats are bad fats? Actually, generally they still are. But did you know that coconut oil is a saturated fat and did you know that it is now said that coconut oil is actually good for your heart? What? Continue reading


9 Mar

After a heavy workout, your body needs protein!

Here’s another option for you to get that protein while enjoying this treat!

It’s very easy to make but you need a high powered blender for this. Continue reading


27 Feb

What could be better than a drink that tastes great and is super healthy at the same time!

Toss the ingredients below into a blender, blend away and then pour. It’s as easy as that.

Continue reading


28 Dec

This drink is easy to make, NUTRITIOUS, filling and yummy!

Continue reading


25 Dec

You hear it all the time….. It’s too expensive to eat healthy. I admit that in the past, I never felt that I had enough specific information to counter that belief. That is until now! I ran across an awesome blog that provides recipes for raw foods cooking (the healthiest choice you can make) which includes the cost of EACH INGREDIENT along with the cost per serving.

Continue reading

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