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7 Apr

I did it! I did a handstand for the first time ever! It wasn’t the most beautiful handstand and it only lasted for about three seconds but I did it! I consistently did handstands against the wall where I tapped the wall with one foot for just a second and then held the handstand without touching the wall at all!

Let me explain…. I set a goal to do a handstand by my 65th birthday which will be in January 2014. My apologies to those who have patiently listen to me talk about my desire to accomplish this goal. J My new goal is to do a stronger, better and longer handstand by my birthday. In the meantime, I’m aware of how much I’m learning aside from how to do a handstand. Here’s what I mean… Continue reading


9 Mar

It’s not too hard to know what is good for us. We can study nutrition and learn about the benefits of exercise. Many are pretty good at doing all the right things – for a while…. Whenever you make a good choice, obviously, that’s good. However, if you really want the BIG PAYBACK of healthy living, daily practice is the ticket.

Here are just a few ideas to make the leap from sporadic good choices to a healthy way of life! Continue reading


2 Feb

How many of you have long lists of responsibilities, goals, desires, plans and good ideas? Do you sometimes feel that you have more good ideas than time? I do. While this is fodder for many a good blog post, I’m going to rein in my tendency to want to do it all NOW. Instead, I’m going to focus on one good idea.

Just the right level of self-imposed structure does wonders to keep me focused.

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27 Jan

Yesterday’s post explains my plans for and reasons for posting these fitness photos on my birthday.


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26 Jan

Tomorrow I am beginning an exciting adventure. It’s my birthday and the starting point for a new plan.

Throughout my whole life I’ve always pictured myself as healthy and strong. I’ve also always assumed that I’d live to at least age 100. When you are younger it’s easy to make big statements about what you’re “going” to do! But, as the years of my life pass, I’ve really had to take stock. I’ve had to decide what actions need to accompany my big statements.

One action I’ve decided on is to publicly post fitness photos of myself annually. It will be kind of like a birthday gift to me. As I explained in a previous post, I’ve noticed that one group of people who post such photos are those who are committed to maintaining their fitness over the long haul.

I’m officially joining that group tomorrow.

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25 Jan

We all know that we SHOULD eat well and exercise consistently year after year. And, if you’ve studied fitness even just a little, you know of all the mind boggling benefits you’ll enjoy for that consistency. BUT… still it’s sometimes hard to stay focused.

Setting goals and regularly reviewing progress against those goals can help you stay on track. To set goals, you need to know your starting point and you need to be able to evaluate your progress from that starting point. Here are some different ways you can create a goal setting and tracking system that works for you!

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9 Jan


A support group is a gathering of people who share a common health concern or interest. A fitness support group focuses on helping its members achieve their fitness goals which typically include physical, emotional and mental aspects. Formats for support groups can vary. They can include in-person meeting, online sharing and / or telephone support.

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3 Jan

Plenty of science proves that a fit person lives longer and has a lower risk of chronic diseases, illnesses and accidents. Fitness protects bone mass, improves sleep, reduces depression and anxiety, boosts morale and self-esteem, and increases the overall quality of life. As fitness increases, so does strength, agility, balance, coordination, power, reaction time, and speed. It changes your body. Your cardiorespiratory system strengthens. You can better maintain your ideal weight. Your resting metabolism rate increases. And, and, and…. I could go on! And, be forewarned, I probably will in future posts! J

But those aren’t the benefits of fitness that are on my mind right now. Believe it or not, there is an additional set of benefits that I am really drawn to because they support your efforts to be your best self!

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2 Jan

Photo credit: Food addiction quiz link below

Fitness plans commonly include attention to nutrition.

But it is less common for people to address some much needed foundational nutrition work. This work goes deeper than learning about recipes or what nutrients are in which foods. It is often necessary to examine and sometimes change our basic RELATIONSHIP WITH FOOD.

That sounds straightforward but it isn’t. It’s hard work and it is very important work.

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27 Dec

Resolutions can reflect our greatest hopes. They can be a description our most intimate dreams. They can be our well thought out plans. If nurtured like a beautiful flower, all this can grow into happy, healthy and long lives! Hopes and dreams backed by action undeniably enrich and enhance life. But unfulfilled hopes, dreams and plans can harm self-esteem and confidence which creates disappointment and real pain. So, before jumping into declaring your 2013 resolutions, let’s poke around at what we can do and / or think about first in order to prepare for real success. That way, when 2014 arrives we will be extremely satisfied with our 2013 results and ourselves. That way, on January 1, 2014 we will be very happy with life and enthused about 2015 and beyond!

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