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If you’d like a “big picture” description of me, click here to get to the “about” page on my personal blog.  Then, come on back here.

Being an independent thinker, I love breaking stereotypes and I love supporting others.  Being a woman approaching my mid-60s, I’m ready for the next challenge.  What typically comes to mind when you think of an “older” woman?  Well, it’s not normally all that flattering.

Do you think I’m going to just fall into line with the stereotype?  Absolutely not!

Do you think I’d ever consider myself too “old” to be in excellent physical shape?  Again, not a chance.  In fact, they say humans are designed to live to anywhere from age 100 to 120.  So, my 100 year old self and especially my 120 year old self would laugh and snort at the idea that I was “old” when I was in my 60s.  Think I’m crazy?  Some might think so.  But, I actually have research on my side.  People who are very active and eat clean and have a positive attitude, can be very healthy, strong and totally capable of living well waaaay beyond what the stereotype tells us.  Don’t believe me?  Stick around!

Don’t get the wrong idea.   This blog isn’t just for “older” people.  It’s for everyone who wants to be fit beyond expectations.  Whose expectations?  I don’t know.  Maybe you want to break through society’s expectation of you.  Or maybe you need to challenge your own expectation of yourself.  The sooner you start, the healthier and better you’ll feel.

I’d love to share this journey with you.  Are you in?

Contact info: leazengage@gmail.com

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