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1 Mar

Self-discipline can be self-torture or it can save a life. It can scare you to death or it can motivate the creation of plan that makes your dreams come true. Discipline typically means requiring yourself to do a laundry list of things that you normally would avoid! You know the stream of self-talk that runs through your brain? A lot of it reverberates from an uncompleted to-do list. Ever beat yourself up because you didn’t leap that mountain fast enough or you didn’t memorize the complete dictionary before you left work?

Sound crazy? If self-discipline is about doing lots of things, things often do get crazy fast.

How about if the plan included doing what is possible with consistency? How about if you do what you can and do it fully? Nothing encourages good decisions like a positive experience. Success generates more success. Failure generates a fear of even trying. How about focusing on the consistency of your efforts rather than lurching forward and then falling backwards? How about focusing on your long term intention rather than setting yourself up to fail?

Go for a long, long string of small successes!

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