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30 Mar

Let’s say you already know that you are an emotional eater. You know what’s healthy to eat and what isn’t. You know about portion control. You love the idea of eating healthy. But you don’t do it consistently. The longer you live with the pressures of being an emotional eater, the worse you feel.

So, what can you do? Continue reading


BELL PEPPERS – Red Are Even Better

30 Mar

One sweet green bell pepper gives you more vitamin C than an orange. They are a great source of vitamin A and K. Here are the Self Nutrition Data nutrition facts for green bell peppers. Pretty great! Continue reading

Pomegranate = Potential Superstar in Efforts to Combat Alzheimer’s Disease

24 Mar

Did you know that the pomegranate is one of the seven fruits listed in the Old Testament as a symbol of fertility?

Well, I’m not sure about fertility but if that might mean that the pomegranate will produce many health benefits, I’m totally on board! Continue reading


20 Mar

While my personality is one where I am naturally always working to accomplish the next “great” thing, I don’t want my yoga practice to be all about achievement.

Yes, I DO have a goal of doing a strong handstand by my 65th birthday (January 2014) and I’m serious about accomplishing that goal but I don’t believe I need my desire to do that pose as the driver of my practice. And, I still trust that I WILL be doing a nice handstand by my birthday or before.

Here is what I’m learning from yoga. Continue reading

COCONUT OIL – If and Why and How

19 Mar

While it’s good that science provides us with new and better information to guide our food choices, it is sometimes hard to keep up with the latest and greatest. Recommendations on fats and oils have changed dramatically over the years. Remember how saturated fats are bad fats? Actually, generally they still are. But did you know that coconut oil is a saturated fat and did you know that it is now said that coconut oil is actually good for your heart? What? Continue reading


14 Mar


Who me? An athlete? NO way! I’ve never been able to … I can’t …. That’s just not me…

I feel guilty when I do something for myself.

Strong you answers, “Tell yourself that you are worth it!”

OK. I’ll try to believe that.

Strong you replies, “Act as if you are worth it until it becomes true!”

BUT DOES THAT REALLY WORK? Watch Amy Cuddy on this Ted Talk video and learn why it really does! Then, let’s see how it applies to yoga. Continue reading


9 Mar

It’s not too hard to know what is good for us. We can study nutrition and learn about the benefits of exercise. Many are pretty good at doing all the right things – for a while…. Whenever you make a good choice, obviously, that’s good. However, if you really want the BIG PAYBACK of healthy living, daily practice is the ticket.

Here are just a few ideas to make the leap from sporadic good choices to a healthy way of life! Continue reading


9 Mar

After a heavy workout, your body needs protein!

Here’s another option for you to get that protein while enjoying this treat!

It’s very easy to make but you need a high powered blender for this. Continue reading



4 Mar

STOP – and Destress in 30 seconds

3 Mar

You KNOW the value and benefits of meditation and relaxation but you’re still having trouble setting aside time for it.

Consider breaking your goal down into an even smaller piece.

Can you give 30 seconds?

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