14 Feb




I dedicate my yoga practice today to sending you love!


It’s been a year and six months since I started learning yoga. I used to do it about twice a week. Now, I do yoga every day with 2 hours on Tuesday and 2 hours on Thursday. As you might guess, I now love yoga. Here’s why:

  • I’ve learned so much about myself.
    • I’ve learned things about my 64 year old body that I never knew before. I still wonder how I could have lived this long and not be aware of how much my flexibility varies on either side of my body. What’s really interesting to me is that most of this awareness didn’t even come to me until after more than a year of yoga.
    • As I see what I am capable of, I get excited about doing and learning more and more.
    • Physical strength makes it easier to do everything else. I love how it feels to be strong.
  • I have learned how to heal myself.
    • Yes, I am talking about different asanas (poses) that strengthen or lengthen certain areas of the body but there is even more to learn.
    • Some days when I do the balance poses, I am as solid as a rock. Other days that steadiness evades me. So, it’s not just my body that influences my abilities. When I am wobbly doing yoga, I now have a clue that I need to ask myself to examine the source of this.
    • Before I started my yoga practice, I was shocked at how much of my youthful flexibility and balance had evaporated. But, it’s almost all the way back now. I have observed that when we do a little at a time and persevere over time, we can recapture and / or create our best selves. What we do with our life energy directly determines what we are able to do. This helps me to feel very optimistic about the future.
  • I’ve learned that the best way to respond to something about yourself that you’re not satisfied with is to consistently treat yourself gently and lovingly.
    • As Esther Vexler, the 95 year old yoga teacher says, as we grow older, we can focus on the grow part or the older part. Since aging is associated with death, many people are terrified of everything associated with aging. But, no matter our age, where we put our attention is where we go.
    • A yoga practice is more than moving in poses. It is a spiritual practice that invites stillness. It is only in this place of stillness that you can discover your true self.

MY BOTTOM LINE = Yoga is a great way to love yourself.

You have to first love yourself before you can love others.

Modeling healthy self-love is a wonderful gift to give to loved ones.


Here are some favorite yoga quotes:

Yoga teaches us to cure what need not be endured and endure what cannot be cured. ~B.K.S. Iyengar

Yoga is invigoration in relaxation. Freedom in routine. Confidence through self control. Energy within and energy without. ~ Ymber Delecto

Before you’ve practiced, the theory is useless; After you’ve practiced, the theory is obvious. ~ David Williams, Ashtanga teacher

Here are some of my favorite yoga poses:


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